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We Cut Corners & Pass The Savings On To You! 

  Title: Discount Airlines, Inc.




The focus group for this project determined that the single most important factor in the consumer's choice of travel services is price!

In an effort to deliver a comprehensive package of travel related service, including airlines, hotel, car rental, and banking services, we mis-anticipated the long term effects of mechanical failures, roach infested accommodations, and investigation of minor banking practices irregularities by meddling federal agencies on the growth of our customer base.

We sort of figured that people would put up with just about anything while they were on vacation!

Well, you can't blame us for trying. I guess we'll leave this business sector to the people who really know what they are doing. 

All bookings accepted by Useless Air and arrangements made are subject to the conditions imposed by the principals. The Principals are Tour Operators and Airlines. All tickets, vouchers and coupons are issued by Useless Air upon the express condition that Useless Air is not liable to any passenger for loss, damage, delay, injury, cancellation, or any additional expense, suffered by any passenger whatsoever, or any cause beyond Useless Air's control shall be occasioned by Useless Air or any of its officials, agents or representatives. Useless Air's Total Liability shall not exceed the total payment received from the client in respect of any booking. In Addition, Useless Air reserves the right to cancel any booking without refund up to but not later than two hours after the departure of the ticket holder's flight. 

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