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  Title: The Useless Goal Is Total Consumer Satisfaction


Though it is unlikely to be the direct fault of Useless Industries, if you do have a complaint we promise to address it with courtesy and aim to resolve it to your satisfaction as speedily as possible. 

At Useless, we view customer dissatisfaction as a necessary part of the endless karmic consumer cycle. Part of our initial effort involves creating dissatisfaction leading to the perception of a consuming need that can only be satiated through the purchase of a Useless product. When the state of satiety diminishes, one method is to position additional "new" or "improved" products within reach of the consumer to begin the cycle again.

The consumer complaint is seen as a short circuit of the cycle - a jarring transition from desire to satiety then immediately back to desire again. It has been shown scientifically that if the consumer can be brought back to the state of satiety (at least temporarily) they are less likely to break free from the cycle completely. Though they might not purchase the same product or product line - they are still purchasers.

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