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Ain't Life Grand? 

  Title: Cellular Mitosis Family In A Jar




If you loved the Sea-monkey and couldn't get enough of their crazy aquatic antics, then you'll absolutely go ga-ga for the all-new Cellular Mitosis Family In Jar.

Scientists call this amazing rare process "Ubiosis" which means, "no life" (sound familiar?) Among the types of life on Earth that are ubiotic in early stages of development are human teen-agers, and the myriad of drones currently managing the controls of industry across the globe. 

The Cellular Mitosis Family In A Jar also belong in this category, since they are really just a very small version of ourselves. (Some imagination required - microscope not included.) Orders yours and start participating in the miracle of life today!

Cellular Mitosis Family In A Jar
#010204 $9.99
[Item Temporarily Out of Stock]

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