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  Title: Trade Your Life For Money


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FINE PRINT: The Company, in considering my application for employment or any subsequent changes such as promotion or transfer, may verify the information set forth on this application and obtain additional information relating to my background. I authorize all persons, schools, companies, corporations, credit bureaus, government agencies and medical personnel to supply any information concerning my background which may include, but is not limited to, criminal, credit and drivers license, provided state law permits and where such inquiries are job related. I further agree to submit to alcohol and/or drug tests, (type of drug or alcohol to be tested will be specified at the time of test) if requested of me, at any time prior to, or during, my employment in accordance with the law. I understand that no one, other than the Big Main Frame or its agents acting with authorization in writing, has any authority to enter into an employment agreement with me which differs from the terms contained herein, and that my employment can be terminated at will, at random, and is not contractual.

Personal Information

Your Name

Work History

Have you ever had a job before?

Have you ever applied for employment at Useless Industries?
(Simple Yes/No Only)

If yes, month and year:

    And Location (business segment):

Have you ever been known by another name?

    If yes, what was the name?

Have you ever worked for Useless before? (Simple Yes/No Only)

    If yes, month and year:

      And Location (business segment):

Do you have any relatives working for Useless? Yes No

    If yes, answer the following:




Only those U.S. citizens or aliens who have a legal right to work in the United States are eligible for employment. Can you, upon employment, submit documentation verifying your legal right to work in the United States and your identity?  

In case of an emergency, notify the following person:


DO NOT ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION IF YOUR STATE PROHIBITS SUCH DISCLOSURE. An arrest or conviction does not necessarily disqualify you from employment consideration and may, in some circumstance assist in your hiring and advancement within the company.

Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, other than minor traffic violations?

    If yes, list:

Position for which you are applying:

Salary Expected:

Date Available for Work:

Type of Position:

Any preference with regard to initial work location?:

    If yes, specify location.

Are you willing to travel?:

    If yes, what geographic preferences:

Certain positions may require use of a motorized vehicle (forklift / car / van / truck). If use of such a vehicle is required in the job for which you are applying would there be a problem?

Have you reviewed the job description/specifications for the position for which you are applying?

Do you understand these requirements?

Can you perform the physical requirements (including the weight lifting requirement of 60 pounds?) without accommodation?

    If no describe the accommodation:

Useless Industries operates many of its operations 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in all kinds of weather and circumstance. Are you willing to work any day, any shift or any hours assigned by your supervisor no matter how random or incredulous they may seem?

    If no, what times/days can you NOT work?

Will you work overtime if directed to do so?

How did you learn about this job opening?


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