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  Title: Training Film Library Catalog


Let's face it, your personal power is tied to your ability to tap into the endlessly expanding world of corporate power. Ordinary citizens need to undertake a course of intellectual self-defense to protect themselves from manipulation and control by those elements with less honorable intentions than Useless™ Industries. 

"Wait" you say, "I can always wrap myself in the banner of fighting terrorism!" Don't be a chump. Like the cold war before it, the terrorism threat will eventually fade and the warriors will fade with it. There's really only two paths from which to chose; go it alone, or go with strength - the immortal strength of the undying corporation!

Here's a list of Corporate Training Films to get you stared:   

1 The Deliverers

A film by Rex Carter and Robert Spande. Click here to view trailer 

2 Flying Logo - Click here to view. 


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