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I came, I saw, I purchased!

  Title: Claiming Meaningful Exchanges In A Meaningless World

DID 01.04.07

Featured Item: Casual-T $19.95 Click Here To Order 

Sometimes it is not enough to just say it - you need to wear it. Like a badge of courage, this "Casual-T" stands out like a dazed hobo in the middle of a busy intersection.  You won't be the first to have one - even if you order your Casual-T today! 

[includes free USPS Priority Mail shipping to anywhere in the Continental US, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, Tiki Island Protectorate, Samoa, or US Military Post. Available in various sizes and also in the the popular black logo on white T-shirt.] Orders to most US locations arrive in 2-3 days.

Coming Soon - Corporate Kitsch courtesy of CafePress

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The 2002 
 UI Casual-T

(white shirt with  black logo or
black shirt with white logo)

Click Here for Casual-T product detail.

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