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  Title: Supporting Documentation & Critical Reviews

DID 01.04.08

NOTE: In most cases these links will bring you into the "less-than-perfect" world outside of Useless Industries. While the implicit intention of Useless Industries to either lead you astray or otherwise fill your head such that your faculties of reason have been permanently short-circuited, and although Useless Industries (or one of our many, nameless, legion, wholly owned subsidiaries) are in fact both culpable and liable on a Stalinist scale, we cannot overstate our claim that you yourself are responsible for your own thoughts, your own actions, and ultimately everything else that happens to you in your life. Being so forewarned, please read on.


The New Manifesto - Viridian Note 124  
Everything You Know Is Wrong:
Disinformation Guide to Secrets and Lies
The Globe-Guardian - "Truth is an amusing concept"
Conjecture News - Test your critical thinking here.
The Memory Hole - And You Thought Everything Was Just Fine ? 


Pizza Online "ein jahr sex im internet-die geburtstags-URLs" 97-05-01 
Alibi Weekly (now defunct) 98-03-09 


Adbusters - These guys don't get it. Working closely together for ages, Government & Big Business are everyone's friends !
Allied Chemicals - "It's a better world through chemicals"
EvilCo - We are Dedicated to bringing you the BEST in conspiracies, plots, and evil plans.
Fraudutek Industries - "More advanced than Nature"
NSK State - the web project about The State of NSK and the groups that comprise the NSK (Neue Slowenische Kunst) art collective.
South Pacific Institute of Nolledge - If you don't get it by now, you never will. 
WorldConned - "...communications company for the deceived generation"


DeanLand - Dean... did I return your kite making book? 
Rebecca Smith's eRésumés & Resources - Well done! - Music For Film
Smirking.Com - What are you laughing at? 
MediaSoundtrack B. O'Neal - Music and Sound
Late Night Wonders of the Web
WWDada - The wwdada [pron. da'da' - ww is silent] is not merely a neo-dadaism, but the only true dada. Early attempts to express the dada outside this medium are meaningless and futile.
Yahoo Directory > Entertainment > Humor > Useless Pages. (Did we say something funny?) 
Jayde B2B Directory - All of your business search needs in one place.
Galaxy Directory > Leisure and Recreation > Humor > Parody > Corporate Humor. (Honestly now, what was it we said ?) 
Info Service - Parody. Now this is getting serious. 

* Due to antiquated disclosure and reporting laws, exacerbated by citizen apathy and fierce corporate resistance to "interference" in the business of business, some cited competitors may actually be owned wholly, or in part, by Useless Industries. In addition, some of those cited may in fact have some off-balance sheet relationship not fully disclosed in either one or the other's or both party's public accounting statements. Finally, it may actually be the case that a perceived competitive entity, was created for the special purpose of giving the appearance of being completely unaffiliated with Useless Industries. This is all perfectly legal and you need not be alarmed. For details see Proposed Statement of Policy - Deputy General Counsel to Chairman of FDIC. 

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