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  Title: Programmed Events

DID 01.04.03

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No Events Currently Planned

Past Events

July 13, 2001 Amid Summer nights Eve Come dressed as Shakespeare or in any authentic late middle age custom and get in free! Admission: $7 ($5 in advance) 

May 28, 2001 Test Type Trio and Friends Get ready for great music, crowds of people and all around fun. Arrive early or won't get any beer or even close enough to see the bands! Admission: $5

Mar 31, 2001 The 2nd Annual Fool's Bash The stuff of legends. The fool won't arrive until you do - please arrive early! Admission: $7 ($5 in advance) 

Mar 3, 2001 Policeman Dave's Bachelor Party This one cannot be politely described. Admission: $20

Mar 2, 2001 Bartender Dave's Birthday Gala The bartender at Sawatdee, Dave's having a little get together to celebrate his 30th. UI bored members and shareholders are invited to celebrate with him. Admission: No Charge To Friends of Dave / rest bring food or donation

[Missing Time - item deleted by Useless Legal Dept. pending outcome of current litigation]

Dec 23, 2000 Non-Denominational Holiday Social Release Party  . This year's focus is on shop safety. Guest lecture includes "If it doesn't seem safe it probably isn't - guidelines for when to get others to do the job instead." Admission: $7 ($5 in advance) 

[Missing Time - item deleted pending outcome of current litigation]

June 24, 2000 UI Gear New Product Release Party  This is your chance to pick up a new or classic UI t-shirt. Admission: $7 ($5 in advance) 

April 1, 2000 A Fool's Bash A very special holiday for UI Alumni. Help us usher in the pagan new year.Admission: $7 ($5 in advance) 

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