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"I always thought I was just a little bit slow... now I realize that I've been living my life like a complete idiot!" - Satisfied Reader #21

But for you there go I 

  Title: An Ongoing Industry-wide Challenge



The paradox of Useless Industries is that it continues to be both monolithic and inscrutable, yet at the same time remains flexible enough to face and, in fact, triumph over the many challenges and challengers that have come their way over these many years.

At the core of Useless strategy since it's inception, Useless Industries pioneered the emergence of the high profile, rapid growth organization apparently thriving without ever offering a single tangible good or service. For many years Useless Industries stood alone in this field and back 'in the days' it was as easy as falling down.  

In recent history, Useless Industries faced the challenge of cheap imitators in the form of the so called 'dot-coms'.  Adopting the strategy of growth without earnings, sales without products, and present profits inferred according to a probable future net profit algorithm which Useless Industries pioneered nearly two-fifths of a quarter of a century ago, the market tightened and the competition was not only leaner, it was less outwardly friendly as well. 

While most of these pretenders did not even make it to round two, their enduring legacy is that many of their so called 'brick and mortar' business colleagues learned you can put on quite a laser light show with nothing more than a little smoke, a few mirrors, and a compelling 'rock opera' sound track with music and lyrics written by a complicitous analyst or accounting firm. Essential in round-two was the repackaging of something tired and old as something vibrant, sexy and new - in essence it was putting Grandma into a push-up bra. The depth and scope of this second phase of the Useless challenge is still unfolding and may never be fully determined.  

What's the current challenge to Useless Industries? It may seem that we've weathered all that's out there and once again came out on top. And while we typically are arrogant and complacent in just about every sphere of activity - were not so stupid as to not be deeply suspicious (to the point of paranoid) about from where the next threat will come. The pendulum has swung and we are once again in 'law-and-order' times. Formerly profitable endeavors have begun to find refuge in a lucrative industry sector previously occupied solely by Useless Industries. Under super-secret, double-deep cover and draped in the flag of their host governments; the biggest current threat to Useless Industries hegemony are those new or improved semi-governmental, for profit entities that operate on behalf of governmental interests, with the direct benefit of public funds - yet wholly outside the scrutiny or even the awareness of the democratic process. 

In short, Useless Industries has faced both past and present challenges with rock-like endurance. And although it is a fact of life that in no point in history has time ever moved faster than it does today - the current present is and more real to us now than even the present of a few moments ago. So, to our current and future competition we simply say: Hello and welcome...we've been waiting for you. 

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