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"If less is more, than this is the most." - Used Book Review 

One Size Fits All 

  Title: A Call To Inaction



By now, most people are saying to themselves, "That sounds great - but what is my place is this grand enterprise... I mean, what can I do?" The answer is immediate, powerful, and ultimately very simple. Nothing. 

At Useless Industries we are doing everything that needs to be done. There's no effort required on your part. We've done the thinking so you don't have to. Best of all - clean up is a snap! Take a leisurely stroll around the luxurious environs of our Corporate web site. Learn a little about UI, view some of our flagship products, discover the labyrinthine world of Useless corporate finance, join in the Useless community, get support, or perhaps find out how you can be a part of the Useless team

Above all, simply sit back, enjoy, and let the ideas and opinions flow over you. You'll come to recognize these thoughts as intimately as your own - you might even think they originated from somewhere inside you. As you should, because they are designed to fit you perfectly in every way; like a comfortable old sweater, a tailor-made suit, or that favorite pair of jeans.  Are you ready? We think you are. And you know what? You've earned it. Enjoy!

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