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The More Things Change... 

  Title: The Timelessness Of Useless



While some companies seem tireless in their efforts to offer "new" and "improved" versions of their products, discerning consumers come back again and again to the timeless quality of Useless Products. 

In fact, Useless Industries has been around a lot longer than most people imagine. During that time, a whole tradition has had the opportunity to develop, a tradition that has been honed into an exact science of giving the consumer more than just what they need. 

Forging past the basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter, Useless Industries has branded products that deliver the essence of everything else that consumers really need, and does so at a price nearly everyone can afford. 

Through its parent and subsidiary operations, Useless has diversified into nearly every area of modern production. Next time you see something that catches your fancy, ask yourself "Is this a Useless Product?" Chances are it is! And if you are not living every single moment feeling liked you've lived your entire life without enough Useless Products then we're not doing our job.

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